Agder Kunstsenter har gleden av å invitere til åpning av separatutstillingen MORE THAN ONCE I MISTOOK MYSELF FOR THE OTHER av Tomas Kominis Endresen, lørdag 11. mai kl. 13.00.

• Lørdag 11. mai kl. 13.00

Utstillingen åpnes av leder for Vest-Agder SV, Mali Steiro Tronsmoen.

Utstillingen står til 26. mai.
Åpent torsdag-søndag kl. 12 – 16.
Gratis inngang.

// That’s How the Sneakers Crumble //

 To whom did Marx extend his invitation to leave the idyll of exchange and stroll down the drab road to the hell of production? Perhaps to anyone in the habit of talking with his clothes.

But for the pattern cutter we meet here, perhaps pulled toward some black hole separating the beautifully overdetermined constructions of his chalk-stripes and the fluorescent blips in the flagship store, each measuring out both solitude and happiness, the Marxian ride-along ends in disappointment. The expert cutter already knew all there was to know about the lack of essence or, for that matter, its correlate of exploited, wretched textile workers. The clothes are still babbling. And if there is no secret, no illusion of intrinsic value and fair play to dispel, then how do you get things to shut up?

Why did commodities need to be silenced to begin with, if not to make the simplest things of species being no longer impossible? Don’t we, in the final analysis, tend to wish it was easier to speak?

Some of the experiences on display here, the faint reminiscences and fuzzy expectations they may exude, might appear to you to reiterate the suspicious gesture of cracking the surface to reveal that there was no depth. Some of the new product lines may, furthermore, have you recall important matters of art history. Who hasn’t been curious about what a painting is? Why is something flat and not not-flat? Is anything itself? But that is the work of fantasy. The blips will not cease, the bellowing of the wardrobe will go on; your stuff, my stuff, past, present, and future, glossy, matte, weightless, heavy and expensive, will keep putting everything that ever went wrong on loud replay.

The finest craftsmanship in the world arrested in the cheapest luxury watch on eBay. The most aleatory causality effaced by a memorable flash of something foreign and unknown that once became part of oneself. And, stuck in a never-to-be discontinued line of cologne, a synecdoche, that stays on the tip of your tongue, of every possible version of yourself. Grind the coffee beans and listen, for once. The cookie has always already crumbled so why point out that this is how it crumbles? This is what it is. But why, the artist almost asks, is it that there is no point in asking why this is what it is?

Om kunstneren: Tomas Komins Endresen (f. 1984) er opprinnelig fra Kristiansand, men bor og arbeider i Stockholm og Kristiansand. Han fullførte en MFA ved den Kungliga Konsthögskolan i Stockholm i 2016.

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