Max flyttet inn i gjesterkunstnerleiligheten onsdag 5. juni 2019, og blir her til 27. juni.

Under følger en liten presentasjon av Max og hans kunstnerisk innfallsvinkel samt eksempler på arbeid:

ReLocations is a way of approaching an unknown territory. I relocate my body in different contexts. In the past years I have worked in Caracas, Venezuela by these dynamics, with found objects and performing with them, relating with different crisis events and a vulnerable society.

Kristiansand city will be divided in 6 regions, each related to a face of a dice: North, South, East, Center, West and Outside (the city).

Every day during the residency I will cast the dice to get an orientation for the tour. The different travels will be documented by a relation with a Found Object.

I use my body as an instrument to explore the space. I use the found objects as a starting point of performances documented in a photo series called interActions (interAcciones), and in a series with space, Intermittences (intermitencias).

I work as a documentalist involving the random dice as an action and my own body on the process. I will use maps and applications to support the exploration and document the different findings.

The final work will be presented as a description of the territory by a binnacle and the relation with found materials, photography, videos, recorded audios, texts, performances and the statics of the random behavior.